paper making

describe the various forms of paper making

factors considered when choosing  a type of paper to use in an organization.


Under what circumstances may you as a records manager choose to use ms excel

If   the manager  wants to carryout a business research analysis like if he wants to find out  industry trends he can calculate regression equation and can determine the important  factors which can impact  his business through the ms excel .

If he or she wants to apply various functions on the data especially his records then he or she can use ms excel

Since it provides the most simplest way to store data and to interpret it for example a company which sells mobile connections to the customers can enter their data in the excel sheet in the form of tables so at the end of the month if the manager wants to analyze the data then he can go in the graphs option in ms excel and can see the percentages and the trends of the sales in previous months.

In conclusion, since ms excel is used in almost all kinds of businesses from very small to large businesses then it is important for the manager to use it in keeping his or her records  or data .